Having a strong marketing strategy is incredibly important when it comes to promoting your construction business. Like with any other business, you want potential clients to take notice of your company over your competitors. If you’re in the process of figuring out how to promote your construction business, here are 5 ways you can get ahead in the game.

Produce engaging content

The value of creating engaging content cannot be emphasised enough. With plenty of extravagant digital marketing campaigns emerging in highly competitive markets, it’s time for construction businesses to get innovative.

As well as text-based campaigns, you should also consider the power of the video-based medium, and in particular, drones in construction. Studies have found that video content is actually 1200% more effective than other types of content, so it’s a powerful and innovative tool that construction businesses should embrace to show clients what their firm is all about.

Market to your niche

Construction businesses have massive customer bases, so there is a lot of potential for promotion to reach new clients. However, marketing within a specific niche is actually better than trying to promote your business to every potential customer because then you risk your campaigns becoming too generalised.

It’s better to focus on a niche that you can successfully cater services to better than any competitors. For instance, if your construction business advertises affordable renovation services, you could find your niche by marketing to young homeowners who will benefit from cheaper services.

Know your audience

To follow on from the above point, it’s important to know who your audience is, otherwise you risk your promotion campaigns falling flat. So, if your target audience is young homeowners, you should shape your promotion around their interests.

Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to notice social media campaigns, especially on popular image and video-based sites like Instagram and TikTok, so if you are targeting this audience, you’ll have more luck if you market your business there, for example.

Use digital trends to your advantage

Marketing trends come and go, but when they’re hot, they’re hot, and you should take advantage. Lots of businesses are changing up their marketing campaigns to better fit in with current digital trends, which include short, vertical videos, conversational commerce and interactive content.

Working trending formats into your promotional materials is a great way to get noticed, keep up with what customers want and make construction a more prominent industry in the world of digital marketing. We live in an age where a massive amount of the content that we interact with is online, so it’s important not to get left behind.

Enlist the help of specialist services

If you’ve got great ideas but don’t know how to put them into action, get in touch with a specialist now. AerialJohnny offers videography and photography services that include the use of drones to get high-quality shots for surveys and promo material.

Whether you’re looking to produce corporate materials for your business’ website, promote on social media or create an entire digital marketing campaign, AerialJohnny offers the chance to create dynamic, innovative advertising materials using aerial footage of your previous projects to showcase your work. This could help you promote your construction business to the masses.

To find out more, get in touch today and begin your journey to innovative digital promotion.