AerialJohnny x UEFA
UEFA Cinewhoop drone


AerialJohnny was approached by the team at UEFA to film exciting FPV drone footage inside the Silvertown Studios in London. The brief was clear and concise – deliver shots that will add value to the final edit and give that extra element of excitement and energy. 

We were tasked to film ”Live the Moment” – a video that brings together Music and Football with a female DJ playing to a fanzone style crowd, all set in a cutting-edge LED-walled studio.

THE Challenge

The challenge for this shoot was being able to film the FPV sweeping shots in a confined space with 40+ individuals having a great time around a Premium 20m x 5m curved LED Screen as well as 6 individual screens next to a DJ booth. 

The added element of lighting being kept to a bare minimum, navigating at speed and tight spaces was going to require greater concentration and muscle memory to coordinate the flights.

the solution

To ensure absolute safety while delivering exceptional shots, we utilised our custom sub 250g drone in to allow for reduced risk to any people or equipment, along with ensuring all the safety elements on the drone were checked and satisfactory, we stress tested our remote and visual devices such as the FPV goggles and deployed out external monitor for teams to view the flights in real-time. 

Having briefed those involved, we were able to conduct a number of flights to familiarise the flight paths and give those involved a sense of what to expect.

What we delivered

We were able to deliver a full day of filming which resulted in over 30min of continuous flight footage. 

Close proximity flights round state-of-the-art LED walled studio
Our drones were utilised to capture “clean plate” footage of the setup
We were able to capture individual sequences with the main cast
Exhilarating crowd footage

We were able to deliver content that will grace stadium screens around the world and will help showcase the energy and excitement of the fanzones.

Silvertown Virtual Production Studio LED