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Drone filming and photography for advertising campaigns, films and TV

Drone footage has become ubiquitous in today’s media landscape, appearing in everything from small-scale travel vlogs to multi-million dollar blockbuster movies. At our company, we collaborate with directors, writers, and cinematographers to capture high-quality aerial shots that meet the standards of professional film production, regardless of the project’s scale. Our services include producing cinema-grade footage for a variety of media, including films, advertisements, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes features.

In comparison to other traditional overhead filmmaking options like helicopters and cranes, drones offer several benefits. They are lighter, more flexible, and often equipped with intelligent features that enhance their performance. Additionally, drones are a safer and quieter option for capturing aerial shots. Moreover, they are significantly more cost-effective, both in terms of time and money.

DJI Inspire 2

The film industry standard, the Inspire 3 allows for dual operators to film in any condition in stunning 8K quality. With its Full-frame 8K/75fps ProRes RAW and Full-frame 8K/25fps CinemaDNG along with Dual Native ISO its no wonder it’s the industry beast.


Compact, lightweight, and inconspicuous compared to the Inspire, this handy tool is well-suited for navigating tighter indoor and outdoor environments. It’s also an excellent choice for capturing complementary angles.

5" FPV Drones

These drones are incredibly fast with speeds of up to 100mph making filming chase scenes, action shots or getting spectacular scenery dives down a mountain a breeze.


Tiny 2.5″ custom built drones, our cinewhoops are capable of flying indoors and through some of the most challenging spaces to create breathtaking footage for your film or TV show.

CAA Operation

We’re approved pilots with permission from the CA to conduct flights in a safe manner. We also have direct lines into NATS and the Met Police.


Our ground and air comms systems means you’re always in touch with us ensuring safety and constant communication.


We’re comfortable flying all over the UK and abroad. We’ve travelled as far as Antigua and Barbuda to film for weeks!

drone video production 1

We conduct flight Risk assessments, pre-flight checks, and we ensure every shoot is perfectly safe to conduct while adhering to rules on flying around busy set locations.


We work as an extension of your team. We slot into your TV and film production effortlessly and deliver to your standards.


We’ve completed first-person-view flights for the biggest names in the UK and our qualified pilots can capture incredibly unique and exciting footage at any scale.

all day filming

We’re fully equipped to provide battery power for a full day shoot. With an average flight time of 24minper battery, we’re able to swap in and out seamlessly causing no disruption to production.


We film in the highest possible resolution allowing for incredible detail to be captured in RAW formats for future editing.

Adidas Terrex x Black Trail Runners feat. Che Lingo

London Skyline - British Film Institute

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