Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying Services in Essex

How much does a drone survey cost?

We offer competitive pricing based on individual needs.

On average, our drone survey cost around £350 incl.VAT

The price of our survey depends on varying factors which would include:

  • Property Size
  • Property location
  • Building type
  • Accessibility
  • The proximity of the building to the airport or public building of interest (This could be football stadiums).

In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote, please send your full address to johnathan@aerialjohnny.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a competitive quotation.

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Drone Inspections

Drone Surveys can save you time and money

Save Money - Prevent Risks


Get high definition video of any damage, risk or threat with the ability pause and analyse in crystal clear 30fps.​

Cost Saving

Using our Drone Roof inspection service means there's no need to fork out loads of money on expensive cranes or scaffolding equipment.

Time Effective

With drone roof inspections, you save an unbelievable amount of time - no cranes to arrange, no scaffolding permits and installation. The process is quick, easy and won't disturb your neighbours.

AerialJohnny provides a detailed roof inspection service by utilising 5K High Definition Video as well as still photography. Our drone roof surveys offer you a detailed aerial inspection of your roof/building structure while maintaining utmost safety that other inspections would not be able to achieve.

There’s no need for costly cranes or scaffolding – let our drones do the work for you.