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London-based but globally capable drone videography company Aerial Johnny is fully certified by CAA and EASA. 

We’re qualified, fully insured FPV and conventional drone specialists that can fly indoors and in some of the toughest conditions helping add dynamic and exciting visuals to any ad campaign, marketing campaign or social media strategy. 

EASA Approved

Ready for some high flying content? Our aerial filming services are unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’re not just geeking out over the latest and greatest aviation tech, we’re turning art into science with FPV and traditional drones that’ll make your vision come to life. We’ve got incredible skills, and all the certifications to prove it, so you can trust us to keep your project safe, sound!  At our core, we care about wowing your audience and delivering outstanding results that don’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve got full public liability insurance, so you know you’re covered no matter what. We can handle drone film projects of all shapes and sizes with our top of the line fleet.

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AerialJohnny is a CAA & EASA certified Drone videography company in London. We’ve done drone filming for UEFA, The VUE, KIND, Adidas and more!

AerialJohnny offers a wide range of videography services that includes:

  • Drone filming in London and the UK
  • Aerial Filming for TV and Film
  • Drone Photography
Using the best gyro-stabilised gimbals, we are able to produce ultra sharp 5.4k video and 24 megapixel still images making our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) an invaluable asset to your projects.

Our clients have used our aerial drone photography, filming and video services for a wide variety operations.

  • Aerial corporate videos for advertising, websites and promotion on Social Media
  • Aerial drone photography for Estate Agents
  • Commercial property aerial photography
  • Drone filming of events and sports
  • Tourism, travel and hotel aerial photography and video
  • Indoor drone tours 
  • Night photography and filming

We are also permitted to fly in cities, at night and indoors as we not only have the various CAA and insurance approvals but we also have the specialised FPV and Commercial drones available to deliver the project.

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Where we are


Our London office serves as a central hub, allowing us to efficiently service clients across the entire UK. With a team based in London, we’re able to provide local expertise and support for any project, regardless of complexity. This ensures close collaboration and a deep understanding of your needs, wherever you are.


Our Italy office acts as a central launchpad for the entire European Union. With its prime location and our experienced Italian team, we can deliver exceptional service to clients across the continent. This strategic positioning allows us to operate with greater efficiency, ensuring faster response times and a seamless experience for all your EU-based projects.

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