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Drone Videography Services in Essex and London

Drone Photography Services

AerialJohnny is a specialist in Drone Videography based in Essex. We provide an unrivalled service that includes the more commonly known aerial drone videography along with a unique FPV Drone service which allows us to capture video that no other camera can achieve.

AerialJohnny has the required Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means we are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones in the U.K for day and night work. As a skilled drone pilot, flying in difficult locations, small spaces and sometimes scary situations is something AerialJohnny can handle while still being able to deliver the highest quality drone video and photography. We’re able to fly as high as 400ft (120m) and as close as 5m to any object or person.

We are also permitted to fly in cities, at night and indoors as we not only have the various CAA and insurance approvals but we also have the specialised FPV and Commercial drones available to deliver the project. Using the best gyro-stabilised gimbals, we are able to produce ultra sharp HD 5K video and 24 megapixel still images making our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) an invaluable asset to your projects.

Our clients have used our aerial drone photography, filming and video services for a wide variety operations:

  • Aerial corporate videos for advertising, websites and promotion on Social Media
  • Aerial drone photography for Estate Agents
  • Commercial property aerial photography
  • Drone filming of events and sports
  • Tourism, travel and hotel aerial photography and video
  • Indoor aerial photography
  • Night photography and filming

Why AerialJohnny?

Complete Drone service

Video, Sound and Editing all done
in-house giving you consistent and efficient results

24/7 Drone Services

We listen to yOUR needs and produce content that creates jaw-dropping results

CAA Certified and Insured

we are fully licensed for any project and covered by industry leading insurance for your peace of mind.

Our Clients

state-of-the-art videography gear

redefine your content

get people talking

We help you create powerful and impactful video content to engage and excite your audience.

stand out

Go places no other brand can. From flying through gym equipment to chasing a mustang down a runway, we have you covered.

video that resonates

With all the noise these days, create content that is
thumb-stopping and gets your content front and centre online

C.A.A licensed, drone filming & photography specialists, using remote-controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (drones).