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Drone videography production for any project. Whether it’s a motor show with flames and smoke or an elegant event fly-through virtual tour, our Cinewhoop and high performance drones will capture unique and jaw dropping video.

Drone Projects

People are emotionally invested in both smaller and larger scale events while the events world is whirling. We specialise in photographing and filming everlasting moments. Please contact us to discuss your event. Aerial drone footage has been used in most videos marketing festivals, live sports, and huge business conferences in recent years, and bird’s-eye pictures showing the scope of events are the natural go-to for eye-catching social media visuals. It’s also critical to work with a professional that is concerned about safety while dealing with large groups!

We offer full-service production for corporate, trade, fundraiser, sporting, marine, music, social, and indoor events, including aerial and ground photography and cinematography


We provide aerial and ground visuals for every kind of event, using drone zoom lenses for safety and style! Small indoor parties and ceremonies, large sprawling festivals, and sporting contests on land and water — we provide aerial and ground visuals for every kind of event.

Our high-speed sports drones can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, and we’re experts at getting sharp images of fast-paced activity.

Our optics have a cutting-edge dynamic range that balances out the dramatic highlights and shadows of concert crowds and festival fireworks, plus we have special authorization for legal night-time flight.


FPV (First Person View) is a unique way of capturing footage like no other. FPV footage immerses viewers into the videos by showing unique views of everyday spaces, it gives a different perspective on an event and one of the most incredible features is that it’s cost-effective and the return is incredible for your business.

Unique and unparalleled footage – tight flying, acrobatic manoeuvres, high-speed chases for sports and fast-paced action shots, and more!
Use the footage across all your marketing channels, pitch to new investors with the unique views of the potential space and layout Create thumbstopping content that sets your business apart on social media. 

Corporate Events

Aerial images of company events, trade exhibitions, business conferences, and product launches rapidly convey context and grab people’s attention, which is critical in this age of thumb scrolling.

Ground crew’s targeted, personal viewpoints are wonderfully complimented by a big-picture bird’s-eye perspective.

For crowded indoor events, we have smaller FPV drones that are ducted for additional safety.


Known as GPS drones, the benefit of using this drone is that the stability allows for long-exposure, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse footage creating a great view of footfall, attendance, and activity over a set time. There are added elements that make these drones a must-have on any of our shoots. Using both our FPV and GPS drones, we are able to produce videos that will drop your viewer’s jaw in amazement.


Your events take months and even years to plan, the last thing you want is for a the coverage to be ruined by poor video coverage. Having worked with a number of big brands such as BMW, Places Leisure and many others, we know what it takes to produce video content that can only be achieved by expert drone pilots.

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