Drone Filming and Aerial Photography for Events

Drone filming for events, music festivals and sports, yachting and motorsport

In recent years, using a drone to set the tone has become one of the key scene setting features of many live festivals, conferences and even sporting events. 

Our drone fleet caters to any event whether it’s indoors or outdoors. With a fully certified and insured team, we’re able to create content for your corporate event, live music concert and sporting events such drifting and motor-cross. 

With over 10 years in the marketing space, we understand what works to get your audiences engaged and driving conversions. 

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Importance of drone videography to film golf courses
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In today’s fast-paced world where people tend to scroll through content quickly, aerial photographs of company events, trade shows, business conferences, and product launches play a crucial role in providing context and grabbing people’s attention instantly. 

We offer aerial filming services for a wide range of events, including small indoor gatherings, ceremonies, large festivals, and sporting competitions on land and water. We are authorised to film in close proximity to objects and people making for fantastic footage.

The use of first-person view (FPV) drones to shoot interior events has grown in popularity in recent years. They’re agile and can manoeuvre through tight places and record unique viewpoints, making them ideal for capturing events such as concerts, weddings, and corporate meetings. FPV drones record immersive and dynamic footage by flying close to performers and guests, delivering a unique perspective that regular cameras can’t match. 

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