Aerial drone footage is an incredibly powerful tool to add to your video marketing strategy. It offers dynamic and engaging content that can be used as a single video but also as part of a wider video strategy adding value and making an impact on your final video. 


Below are just two of the many ways in which we deploy drones for video and photography.

DJI Drones
"Conventional Drones"

How do you tell a story of a conference or a new event launch? How do you stand out and make an impact big enough for your audience to stop and take notice? We say, add drone footage to the mix. 

At AerialJohnny, we deploy two different drone styles to create content that can be used as a standalone piece of footage to be shared on social media and your website and, content that can be integrated into your existing videography strategy. 

Our conventional drones allow us to capture stunning establishing shots that help convey the scale of an operation or activity, it gives a sense of place and form from multiple unique angles at the fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter. 

Our conventional drone operates under a wide range of conditions and can deliver the highest quality footage in a heartbeat.

"FPV Drones"

FPV drones are an incredibly powerful tool to add dynamism and thumbstopping elements to any video. With our custom built FPV drones, we’re able to fly some of the most intense, compact and dangerous flights imaginable. From filming a fly-through of a newly refurbished office space in London to chasing high-speed yachts, our drones deliver exceptional content for any use case. 

Our FPV drone videos also boast the ability to film using high-end cinema cameras such as the Black Magic Pocket 6K and even the Red Komodo. 

Our drone videos offer immense flexibility in both usage and varying content that is guaranteed to add tremendous value to your video strategy.

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