Videography is far more important than most people realise. It’s more than simply flying as high as legally possible with a drone or filming an interview with your phone. Below are a few applications where drone videos can bring out a whole new dimension to your business and how our videography skills can elevate your brand. 

Elevate Your Business

Using video for your events will elevate your activity to new levels. Videos at events can showcase the capacity venues you host your events at, the scenic views that surround it and also gives viewers an idea of the popularity of your event. The next step in elevating your event videos are to introduce our FPV Drone flying skills to get unique, never before seen footage. Our specialised FPV Drones and license means we’re able to fly in almost any location, within 5m of people and given the size of our Cinewhoop, we can fly in some of the most confined space adding unbelievable depth to your videos.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Drone Tours can prove to be invaluable, with the added element of FPV Drone video, your potential buyer will get an understanding of the entire property, inside and out. Drone videos for estate agents can be broken into two parts; 

1) Aerial “birds eye view” videos that not only showcase the property’s scale, but with AerialJohnny, we also highlight nearby areas of interest such as schools, hospitals, local community facilities and more. This is a great help to potential buyers as it gives a clear indication of the value of owning that property. 

2) FPV Video which is focused on a drone video fly-through of the property, our specialised Cinewhoop drones are ale to fly in close proximity to objects and can film incredible shots be it flying through a window to lead out to the garden or around children’s play areas to demonstrate the size of the properties rooms. This footage is currently not being utilised in the Real Estate industry so the opportunity to be an industry leader is up for grabs.

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