In building and construction, it’s essential to get an overall view of projects to help monitor progress and speed up completion. Drones can help with this significantly and allow firms to work more efficiently than they have using other, older methods. This article looks at the impact of drones in construction and why they’re being used more and more each year.

What are drones?

Drones are crewless aerial vehicles controlled by a person on the ground, usually referred to as a drone pilot. Due to their flying capabilities, they enable professional quality aerial photography, and by reaching lofty heights with ease, they can capture wide-frame shots for any given scene.

Additionally, their small size allows you to view tight spaces within a building. Therefore, drones used in construction allow you a view of the entire project and up-close views of harder-to-see sections. The high-resolution images and videos produced serve as reliable reference points for the necessary monitoring and analysis of a project’s progress and translation from plans.

Benefits of drones in construction

There are many benefits to using drones in construction, which is why more and more firms are turning to their use in recent years. Here are just a few of them.

They help minimise risks

A drone’s ability to take an aerial view and to get into hard-to-reach places in a structure allows for a more convenient determination of safety. From the images, you can determine how safe a section of the building is for your construction crew to venture into.

Viewing from vantage points that capture the entire project also allows you to observe the other dangers in the surroundings. This helps minimise instances of falls and other accidents.

They’re affordable

Before drones, aerial shots of a construction project were expensive because they relied on helicopters or satellite footage. Drones cost significantly less to produce photos and videos without compromising the quality of the footage.

They help with marketing

Drones capture amazing shots of the finished building, which you can use for marketing the property. The aerial, angled, and other shots offer a view of the project that would not be possible by any other means.

Showing the entire building in one high-resolution image or sections from that high perspective may be the difference between prospective buyers opting to buy or looking elsewhere.

They allow a faster survey and inspection process

You may go over the site manually or turn to drones as a much faster solution. Drone photography enables faster surveys of a construction site and its environment. Additionally, low-flying drones are the safer option for carrying out surveys. 

Drones will immediately identify hazards such as sinkholes and even debris which could be dangerous to walk near on foot. 

The speed, safety, and attention to detail you get from drones in construction also carry over to inspection exercises. Using drones allows project managers to be able to put together more detailed reports quickly. 

You’ll identify areas that do not match the structure’s plan through drone photography. Drones also help analyse an existing building to determine the need for repairs or renovations.

They facilitate project updates

You can easily and quickly monitor project progress through drones. All you need is to deploy one into the air and instantly have a view of the entire construction. This is more convenient than having a team of photographers on site interfere with the construction work as they determine vantage positions to do photography work.

With modern technology, teams at headquarters can have detailed images of construction progress sent over from remote locations in a matter of minutes.


Drones are an excellent addition to the building and construction industry. They enable more detailed photography and videography from useful vantage points. Their speed, ease of use, and safety considerations are why more and more are looking to them to streamline processes and speed up projects.

If you’re looking for an experienced drone pilot to help you with your projects, get in touch today and speak to us about your requirements.