It’s no secret that videos play an increasingly important role in the real estate industry. A video walkthrough is a great way to show the property to potential home buyers. 

You can use videos to market your property, educate potential buyers, and avoid wasting time. To do this effectively, the video walkthrough has to be done right. This article shares tips on producing a professional-grade video walkthrough.

What is a video walkthrough?

A video walkthrough is a short video of a listing that showcases the layout of the property, providing context in greater detail than photos can manage. It crams more information into a short, easy-to-digest clip that saves potential buyers time and helps them understand the property better.

When defining a video walkthrough, it’s important to talk about a real estate 3D virtual tour. 3D virtual tours offer a more immersive viewing experience, where a client gets to control what they see, similar to how they would if they visited the property. But these virtual tours are costly and complicated to produce. 

They also come with recurring costs because you have to pay to host the tour data where potential clients can access the virtual tour. Video walkthroughs, on the other hand, are free to host since you only need to upload them to your website or a video platform like YouTube.

They are effective, simple, easy to use, and affordable property marketing tools. Additionally, you can produce an amazing walkthrough with the right equipment.

Why should you rely on a video walkthrough for real estate marketing?

Bigger impact

According to research, people retain 58% more information when they consume it through video. Words can describe a property well, but seeing it is more memorable and impactful to a potential buyer.

Why should you rely on a video walkthrough for real estate marketing?

Emotional reaction

Videos make people feel something about what you are showing. If a picture says 1,000 words, videos convey an endless stream of words in an easy-to-understand manner.

Purchasing confidence

Videos make people more confident when making purchasing decisions. 55% of consumers watch videos before making their purchase, according to research.

Conform to market forces

Videos are fast becoming the most valuable marketing tool. Therefore, you need to present yourself through this format if you are to make an impact on a potential property buyer while avoiding the saturated property description approach.

Tailored property viewing experience

As a realtor, you understand the property better and know which scenes and angles sell it well. So use a video walkthrough to present the property in the best light possible.

Tips on how to do a video walkthrough that looks professional

You’ll need the right equipment, narrative, mood, timing, and energy to get this right. Gathering the right equipment is the process’s first and most important part.

Get the right equipment

Tips on how to do a video walkthrough that looks professional
Flat lay composition with camera and video production equipment on light grey stone background

Equipment determines the video footage quality you’ll get. Therefore, invest in the best ones possible:

DSLR or mirrorless camera that can shoot in at least 1080p video resolution

If you can’t afford the camera, you can use a smartphone with an excellent camera app and lens module, such as an iPhone or a high-end Android phone. However, the camera would do a better job any day.

Plan the video shoot

You then need to list all the rooms on the property and other features. For example, a front porch, swimming pool, or other outstanding features should feature prominently in the video. 

Aim to make the video look like a natural walkthrough you would do with the client present. A good structure includes the street as you approach the house, the exterior section, then the interior, and finally out through the back door. Additionally, while you need to showcase the property in detail, plan to avoid showing too much detail.

Estimate the video length

When planning how to do a video walkthrough for real estate, make sure that video length matches the nature of the premises, revealing all its best bits without being too long. For example, a two-bedroomed residence with a small backyard shouldn’t take as long as a five-bedroom ranch house to showcase. A great trick is to focus a large chunk of the time on a property’s key selling points to help keep the video length acceptable.

Check the lighting

While you could use artificial light for the shoot, it’s best to stick to natural lighting. Therefore, plan to shoot the video on a sunny midmorning when the skies are clear. For even better results, shoot the interior at noon when you don’t need to turn on any lights and the exterior at the golden hour when the lawns look immaculate.

Prepare the property

With everything else in place, check to see if the property is ready. You may have to remove clutter, get the house cleaned, and check that there are no other distractions like a noisy pet around.

Shoot the video

It’s best to get two or three shots per segment. You also need to get extra shots besides the planned ones, as they might be handy during editing. Keep the camera at eye level to mimic an in-person walkthrough.

For the exterior, it’s best to use a drone. Drones capture a wide angle due to their mobility and present a wider and more detailed view of the exterior. Otherwise, you’d need a lengthier video and extra equipment to capture as much detail as a drone can in a few seconds. Remember to keep the shots steady and face the camera away from the sun to get excellent lighting.

Edit the footage

Finally, use video editing software to piece the footage together into something wonderful. There are plenty of easy-to-use options, or you could hire a professional editor. Include a voiceover explaining the property to enhance its effectiveness.


A video walkthrough for real estate will help sell the property faster. You only need to shoot an excellent video. Contact us today and let us help you make the best possible video walkthrough for real estate.