Drones are fast becoming an incredibley important tool for not only high-end film makers but for anyone who runs events, wants to market their hotel, estate or even survey land for potential investment. There are endless possiblities when it comes to using drones for videography and in this article, we break down the key elements of where you could best use drones.

Before we get into the detail, it’s always a crucial step before hiring a drone operator that you ensure they are fully CAA approved, that they have the experience you need and of course, that they’re fully insured against any accidents.

With all that in mind, let’s get to work on breaking down why use drones for videography?


Drone fly-through videos or “one-take” videos are a great way to showcase a property in a completely unique way. Being able to fly from entrance gates through every room, in what would be a “normal” home owners path gives a great perspective of the property layout, the special features of a hotel or highlighting the scale of the property.

Using specialised drones, we’re permitted to fly indoors and in close proximity to people which means whether you’re a restuarant owner or retail company our drones can capture completely unseen angles to engage your audience on all channels.


Showcase your event, whether it’s a wedding or concert, in a completely unique way with our specialised drones small enough to fit through a kitchen window to the more fast paced drones capable of reaching 90mph speeds, perfect for music video and extreme action filming. This takes your viewer closer than they’ve ever been to the action. Get angles that no other gimballed camera could achieve.


Utilise a more cost effective, time efficient and low payload drone aerial survey to provide detailed imagery and video of potential risks, landscape layouts for building permits and more. 

Corporate Videography with Drones

Corporations often want to promote their business in a way that shows the scale of their premises, how the operation works and all the activity that is happening around it. This was always achieved by hiring in a helicopter to film transport trucks coming and going, circling the premises and getting panning shots but with drones, this is not only more cost effective but it can be done in a matter of minutes without


We to film up to 5K30FPS which allows for incredible slo-mo videos while also being able to capture still imagery at a industry standard 20MP. We also offer 1080p Live Streaming.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life, get in touch today.