Drone Event Videography and Photography

Drone Videography for events is now one of the most important elements of your event, and as a result, can drones showcase an event in ways none of your competitors have seen before. Our drones can fly between tight gaps, capture angles others could only dream of, all while showcasing event attendance. The coverage can help with highlighting to potential investors what a success your event has been and utilising compelling assets for use across all your marketing channels.

Why use FPV Drone Videography?

FPV (First Person View) is a unique way of capturing footage like no other. FPV footage immerses viewers into the videos by showing unique views of everyday spaces, it gives a different perspective on an event and one of the most incredible features is that it’s cost-effective and the return is incredible for your business.

Benefits of using AerialJohnny FPV footage:

Different drones for the job.

Known as GPS drones, the benefit of using this drone is that the stability allows for long-exposure, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse footage creating a great view of footfall, attendance, and activity over a set time. There are added elements that make these drones a must-have on any of our shoots. Using both our FPV and GPS drones, we are able to produce videos that will drop your viewer’s jaw in amazement.