Why you need a cameraman for music videos

Why you need a cameraman for music videos

Making a music video is a process that requires careful planning and execution to achieve the desired results. This is particularly true if you want to create a high-quality music video that will be able to generate a lot of views and likes. In order to achieve this, it’s important to hire a professional cameraman […]

Why your event needs a festival videographer

Why your event needs a festival videographer

When it comes to capturing the excitement and energy of a festival or concert, there simply is no substitute for a professional festival videographer. Not only do they have the experience and expertise needed to capture dynamic footage with specialised camera equipment, like drones, but they also know how to turn it into shareable content […]

A New Era in Music Video Making: How AerialJohnny is Seeing New Creative Possibilities!

Drone used in Music Videography

Johnathan Badenhorst, a highly creative London drone videographer is making it his mission to transform the world of music videography by taking the use of drones in music videos a step further. The founder of stand-out drone videography company, AerialJohnny, is planning to raise the current trend in drone music videography to a modern art […]

How to achieve cinematic style wedding videography

cinematic wedding videography

Wedding videographers are becoming more and more common as video and filming technology become more commercially available. Whereas a photo can only capture 2D, still images of specific moments – and therefore usually have to be more choreographed or staged – a wedding video can give a much more ‘true’ sense of what being there […]

How to do a video walkthrough for real estate that sets a property apart


It’s no secret that videos play an increasingly important role in the real estate industry. A video walkthrough is a great way to show the property to potential home buyers.  You can use videos to market your property, educate potential buyers, and avoid wasting time. To do this effectively, the video walkthrough has to be […]

What a Music Video Production Company Does

What a Music Video Production Company Does

Thinking of making a music video to promote your next single? Searching online for music video solutions and coming up with nothing? Even if you have no idea what a music video production company does, the following guide will give you the inside track. Read on to find out how music video production companies work […]

Why use drones for videography?

drones for videography

Drones are fast becoming an incredibley important tool for not only high-end film makers but for anyone who runs events, wants to market their hotel, estate or even survey land for potential investment. There are endless possiblities when it comes to using drones for videography and in this article, we break down the key elements […]

5 Ways to Create Spectacular Property Videography

Throughout the pandemic, property managers, private sellers, landlords, and letting agents quickly realised the importance of being able to offer beautifully shot property videos and virtual tours. However, even following the end of the pandemic and the lifting of restrictions, property videography has somehow remained an essential component of the estate agent or property developer’s […]

Drone technology in the World of Sports and Entertainment

Drones in Sport: Everything You Need to Know How do drones impact the sport you love? Are they really useful or are they just a gimmick? This article will break down everything you need to know about drone technology in the World of Sports and Entertainment. How is drone technology being used in sports? As […]

Drone videography ideas for weddings

Wedding Couple

Are you looking for jaw-dropping drone videography ideas for wedding photos and videos? Drone wedding photography and cinematography capture the soaring views you didn’t even realise you desired. Drones, in particular, allow videographers to shoot sweeping footage from above, producing a dramatic effect for a wedding video.We can produce wonderful personal photos of the bride […]