Aerial property photography uses drones to take high quality images and videos of houses and buildings from above. It’s become really popular lately and there are some really good reasons why! Here are some of the benefits:

Highlight the Property’s Surroundings

With aerial property photography, you get a unique view that shows potential buyers what the property’s surroundings look like in a way that regular photography just can’t. This is especially helpful for properties with big gardens, swimming pools, or that are in pretty spots.

Show the Property’s Size

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how big a property is just by looking at pictures from the ground. But with aerial photography, you can show how big the property is, which is really helpful for larger properties.

Show off Unique Features

Aerial property photography can show off special parts of a property that you can’t see from the ground. For example, you can get a great shot of a rooftop terrace or solar panels.

Create Beautiful Pictures

Aerial photography can make really beautiful pictures that make a property look extra special. This is especially helpful for luxury properties or those in pretty locations.

Here are some examples of when aerial property photography can be really helpful:

– Real estate agents can use it to show off a property and get more potential buyers interested.

– Inspectors can use it to check out hard-to-reach or high-up parts of a property.

– Construction workers can use it to see how a building site is progressing from a bird’s-eye view.

– Landscaping designers can use it to plan out garden designs for big or tricky properties.

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When you’re looking to hire an aerial property photographer, make sure to keep these things in mind:

1. Experience: Look for someone who has experience taking aerial photographs and can show you examples of their work.

2. Equipment: Make sure they have the right gear, like a good camera and a drone or other flying machine.

3. Safety: Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to aerial photography. Look for someone who follows all safety guidelines and has insurance in case something goes wrong.

4. Price: Aerial photography can be a bit pricey, but you want to make sure you’re getting a fair deal for the services you’re getting.

In the end, aerial property photography can help you show off your property in a really special way. Whether you’re trying to sell a house, check out a tricky spot, or design a garden, aerial photography can give you a unique and beautiful perspective. Just make sure to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and has all the right gear and safety measures in place.

As aerial photography specialists, we’ve worked with clients such as Beresfords and Durden & Hunt so we’re confident that we can deliver exceptional visuals for your business.