FPV drone photography has become increasingly widespread in the entertainment industry, particularly in film, TV and sports. There are several good reasons for this. Read about them below.

What are FPV drones? 

FPV drones are remotely controlled drones equipped with a first-person view (FPV) camera. This allows the pilot to see the drone’s flight path in real time through a video headset or monitor.

What are FPV drones?

With this setup, the drone pilot can control the camera’s movements, speed, and direction using a remote controller while seeing the drone’s perspective through the video feed from the camera. It means that the pilot can perform complicated manoeuvres and fly through tight spaces to achieve the shots they need.

New perspectives

FPV drones can capture unique and dynamic footage that was previously impossible to achieve with traditional cameras. Using this technology, brands and event organisers can provide potential customers and clients with fresh perspectives and an engaging visual experience.

Better action shots

FPV drone photography and videography can capture better action shots thanks to drones’ ability to move quickly. This means that high-speed chases can be captured in more dramatic ways, for example. FPV drones can also capture aerial photography and videos of locations that would be difficult or dangerous to film with traditional cameras or require a helicopter to film. These kinds of shots really draw the audience into the action.

Captivating sports shots

In sports, FPV drones can capture exciting footage of sports such as snowboarding, car racing and mountain biking. FPV drone photography can also be used to capture aerial views of sporting events and provide unique perspectives for spectators.

FPV Drone filming drift cars

Thanks to recent technological developments, camera operators can achieve the kinds of shots using drones that would have required a huge budget and team to capture in the past. We can’t wait to see what will be possible in a few years. 

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