Digital video ad spending in the United Kingdom is expected to grow from £7.1 billion to £12.65 billion in 2026, and the top video marketing trends for 2022 are all about making the most of your social media video assets to get your venue noticed.

Here’s our take on what you should be doing to publicise your event space through video.

Content is king

Everyone is capable of getting a video produced that makes their venue look pretty. But you want to show potential customers that not only does your venue look fantastic but you can deliver a fantastic service to match it, whether you’re hosting weddings, corporate events, training courses, yoga classes, product launches or fashion shows. Using video, you can tell your potential customers exactly what to expect from you, beyond the aesthetics. 

Behind the scenes 

Everyone loves to see how stuff gets done – just look at the rising popularity of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos of people working behind the scenes. Pulling back the curtain, just a bit, on how you run an event gives potential clients priceless insight into how you work. Show how your staff tackle unusual requests, how what looks like a frenzy on the outside is actually more akin to a well-rehearsed ballet and how you and your team enjoy the end result. This way, you show the human side of your business.

Get to know the people

This video marketing trend is one way you can give your video marketing a more personal touch. Introduce your clients to the people that will be looking after them on the day. Letting them put names to faces before their event or celebration means they’ll already be familiar and more relaxed around your fabulous team.

Walkthrough videos

You know your venue like the back of your hand, but your clients don’t. You know that one route through your event space tells one story while another route has a completely different beginning, middle and ending. By showing different videos of multiple routes through your event space on your social media channels, you’ll spark ideas in potential clients’ minds that they’ll want to call and discuss with you.

Online training videos

We all love to learn new things and your venue staff and partners can share skills with your audience that will help your space get noticed. A merchandiser/designer might be able to give some interior design tips, your service staff can show off how to fold the perfect napkin or maybe your chef is prepared to share the recipe for those profiteroles everyone raves about. You’ll be able to think of many more that are specific to your venue and, working with a professional event videographer, you’ll be able to plan the perfect shots that will show off both the skills and the venue.

Livestream events

All the popular video channels are boosting their live streaming capabilities as mobile tech and network services make this more accessible. Live streaming isn’t right for every event, but these days even, a celebration as personal as a wedding can be live streamed so that family members or friends can still be part of what happens if travel or health issues mean they couldn’t be there in person.

Live streaming is also great if you’re using your venue for online teaching events like yoga, pilates, art classes etc. By integrating these video events into your social media channels you’ll get your venue noticed by more people, which should lead to more bookings.

Interactive videos

If you really want to go all out with your video marketing, consider creating interactive video assets. This is a video marketing trend that allows your viewers and potential customers to make choices within the video as to where the story goes next. This can be a great way to make multiple uses of the video clips you’ve produced. Perhaps your video starts out with an introduction and then gives the user a choice of following a wedding journey or a corporate event. Perhaps they want to see how the catering will be managed or how and where the bride and bridesmaids will be hanging out before the ceremony. Your audience gets to choose their own journey or you can guide them along with polls and quizzes.

Optimised for search

SEO is big business and we all want to get the right keywords into our video’s meta description for search engines to pick up on. But search engine algorithms also use the number of clicks, likes, comments and shares that a video gets to rank them higher up their lists. If your video is optimised correctly and gets good engagement, it’s likely to reach more people and get you more business.

Formats and aspect ratios

Every social media channel has its own format and some of them have more than one. Instagram alone demands three different aspect ratios for your videos depending on whether you’re using it for a post, a story or a reel. Other considerations are file formats, bitrate, file size and video length.

All of this sounds daunting but a professional videographer understands this and will make sure you have the right framing, footage and angles to edit your footage and maximise its usage across not just the current social media channels but also the ones around the corner that none of us have heard of yet.

Professional equipment and lighting

You’re a professional with a business to run, not a Tik-Toker showing off dance moves in your living room, and your videos need to convey that. There are so many things that can affect a video shoot, be it weather, time of day, using clients or models and whether you’re combining your video shoot with shooting still photography. A professional video production company will make sure your videos are beautifully shot, that the lighting makes the most of your venue and the audio is clear, whether it’s recorded inside or out.


Effective videos need to be short, deliver a specific message to a target audience, and have visuals and audio that stand out from the competition. It takes imagination, experimentation and practice to find the right formula for your venue, so make sure you’re working with people that share your vision and enthusiasm.

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional videographer, that means you’re ready to take your video marketing to the next level. At AerialJohnny, our experienced videographers use the best quality equipment, including drones, to showcase event venues in their best lights. To find out more, talk to the team today.