When it comes to capturing the excitement and energy of a festival or concert, there simply is no substitute for a professional festival videographer. Not only do they have the experience and expertise needed to capture dynamic footage with specialised camera equipment, like drones, but they also know how to turn it into shareable content that helps promote your event. 

Additionally, a professional festival videographer can provide you with valuable feedback on the layout and logistics of your event, which can lead to improvements for future events.

The use of drones at festivals

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of purposes, including for filming festivals. In the UK, drones are used in festivals to help with various tasks – from providing aerial views of the crowds to delivering food and drink. Drones are also becoming increasingly popular for security purposes, as they can help monitor crowds and spot potential problems. This trend is likely to continue as drones become more popular.

What does a festival videographer do?

A festival videographer is responsible for capturing all the action and excitement of a music festival on film. They work closely with the festival organisers to ensure that they capture all key moments and work with the artists to ensure that their performances are captured in the best possible light. Festival videographers also have a good understanding of music and filmmaking – and can work quickly and efficiently to get the best results. Here are some reasons why you might want a drone videographer at your event:

The benefits of hiring a festival videographer

You can capture difficult-to-reach angles

Using a drone to capture footage of your festival can help you get unique, difficult-to-reach angles that would otherwise be unavailable. This can add a new dimension to your festival footage and give viewers a different perspective on the event.

By flying their drones high, videographers can get stunning aerial shots that would otherwise be impossible. Moreover, drones often use specialised cameras and lenses to get close-up shots of the action on the ground. This allows them to capture all the excitement and energy of the festival in a way that is impossible with old filmmaking methods.

You can capture the memories of your event more effectively

A festival videographer can provide you with beautiful, high-quality footage of your event that you can treasure for years. They can capture all the special moments, from the speeches to the performances and everything in between. Therefore, having a festival videographer on hand is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a lifelong record of your event that you can share with others.

You can get closer to performers

A drone can get nearer to performers than any human camera operator, providing your audience with a unique perspective. This can add an extra layer of excitement for viewers and give them a new view of the event. Plus, with today’s technology, drones can capture high-quality video and audio – so you can be sure that your event will be captured in all its glory.

You can allow people who couldn’t attend to participate

A festival videographer will not only capture memories for those who attend the event, but they’ll also allow people who couldn’t be there to take part. By providing a live video feed of the festival, people can watch from home and feel like they’re part of the action. This can be especially beneficial for people with limited mobility, or who live far away from the event location.

You’ll impress event sponsors

By providing a bird’s-eye view of the event, you can allow sponsors to see the scope and magnitude of the event in a way that is impossible with ground-based videography. In addition, drones can capture footage that would be difficult or impossible to obtain with traditional camera equipment. As a result, sponsors can get more complete and impressive views of the event, which can help secure their support for further events. 

You’ll save money

Drones are a great way to save money on travel costs for the event team. By using drones to capture aerial footage of the event venue, the team can save money on travel costs by avoiding the need to travel to the venue in person.

You can capture large crowds

Drone videography is a particularly effective way to capture large crowds. They allow for a wide, sweeping shot that can capture an entire crowd in one frame. This is especially useful for events like concerts or festivals where it can be difficult to get a traditional ground-level shot that includes the entire crowd. Drone videography can also capture aerial shots of crowds, which can add an interesting perspective to your footage.

It’s less intrusive

Drones are often operated at a distance, so they’re not physically close to the subjects they’re filming. Second, they’re relatively quiet and don’t disrupt the event or festival. Finally, drones can be operated remotely, so the operator is not on-site and doesn’t interfere with the event or festival.

It’s safer than using a manned aircraft

While a manned aircraft might seem the obvious choice for aerial footage at an event, a drone can be a much safer option. Firstly, they’re much smaller and more manoeuvrable than manned aircraft, so they can get into tighter spaces and avoid obstacles more easily. Second, they’re operated remotely, so there’s no risk of a pilot losing control and crashing into a crowd of people. A professional festival drone videographer can ensure that your event is captured safely and beautifully.

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