Johnathan Badenhorst, a highly creative London drone videographer is making it his mission to transform the world of music videography by taking the use of drones in music videos a step further. The founder of stand-out drone videography company, AerialJohnny, is planning to raise the current trend in drone music videography to a modern art form. 

Johnathan, a CAA-certified drone videographer with years of experience in event and corporate videography is as enthusiastic about drone filming techniques as when he first began to experiment with the technology many years ago. He told us, 

“The reason drone videography is taking off is because it has so much potential to give our eyes a different kind of visual experience than the ones we’re used to when watching music videos. The pace is different, the look is more varied, and the effect is pure cinematography. For videographers, the artistic scope and opportunities for creative satisfaction are immense.”

There’s also sometimes a reduction in cost. For decades now there has been much talk about the absurd amounts of time and money record companies spend on making music videos. In fact, in recent years there have been several cases of hugely successful artists pushing back against the trend. Drone videography is a creative way of injecting excitement and drama into a video concept while spending less time on production and location logistics, sometimes saving weeks of production time. 

Just when it seemed as if there was nothing else you could do to stand out in the music video space, drone videography is taking the world of music videos by storm. In fact, it could be said that drone videography is set to change the face of music video filming forever. Video drones make it possible for videographers to get shots that just wouldn’t work any other way. Thumb-stopping aerial views, exciting angles, drama-inducing, fast-paced aerial movement, and the ability to boldly go to places a cameraman on legs, and sometimes even in a helicopter, couldn’t quite get to in the same way.

Johnathan says, 

“The future of creative innovation in music videography is incredibly bright. There are literally so many new places to go now.” 

We suspect that AerialJohnny has a few tricks up his sleeve. A few ground-breaking creative ideas to discuss with the right team?

He continues, 

“It’s really just a question of getting the right people together. The ones who want to break new ground and create something spectacular out of very simple principles. We haven’t even begun to use this technology to its full potential yet.”

The AerialJohnny company motto is, See Things Differently. After decades of music videography, maybe it’s about time we did. 

Watch this space.