Are you looking for jaw-dropping drone videography ideas for wedding photos and videos? Drone wedding photography and cinematography capture the soaring views you didn’t even realise you desired.

Drones, in particular, allow videographers to shoot sweeping footage from above, producing a dramatic effect for a wedding video.We can produce wonderful personal photos of the bride and groom as well as highlight the wedding site at its finest with aerial photography or videography of your wedding.

The power of our fleet l;ies not only in the ability to capture stunning aerial landscape photographs of the venue, ceremony and guests but with our FPV drones, we have the ability to fly in close proximity to objects, and indoors to create videos that will blow everyone away. 

We’ve listed a few of the most amazing drone videography ideas for your wedding:

Establishing Shots:

What is the definition of an establishing shot? Wide or extremely wide images of buildings or landscapes are commonly used as establishing shots. Signage, landmarks, or other visible indicators of location and time may be included in these photos. 

What makes a successful establishing shot?

In order for an establishing shot to work, it must:

These photographic pieces work together to immerse your audience in the story, giving them background to feel the emotion – sometimes without the need for conversation. Keeping the audience’s attention is essential for a successful establishing shot.

Establishing Shot

Top Down:

A simple yet very popular shot is the top-down view of the couple either before or after the wedding ceremony. This shot is great to highlight the contract of the couple against the ground or water scene. It can be used for groomsmen, bridal parties and so much more. The creative options are endless with this choice of shot.


The rocket makes for a really engaging shot that starts up-close and trails backward to reveal a wider visual of the location. The drone takes off straight into the air, with the camera going lower to follow the subject. This shot works best with a height restriction of 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 feet.


A Helix: 

Another really exciting drone video idea is the helix. This shot allows the drone to gradually ascend and begin circling around your subject until it reaches the height limit/radius you specify (40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 ft). This shot creates a sense of movement and interest as the shape is not a standard orbit.

The Reveal:

With the camera tilted down, the drone flies cinematically towards the couple slowly tilting up to reveal the couple against the backdrop of their location. This is suspenseful and magical and creates a great opening shot for any wedding video.


Most weddings will have a photographer for the day, so a great shot would be the couple walking hand in hand, kissing and laughing as the drone follows them on their way to the photoshoot. This is especially breath-taking during the golden hours. Drones can also follow the bridal car from the venue or into the venue for a beautiful ending to the video.



The orbit is a popular choice as it showcases the couple in a loving embrace, it highlights the venue, guests and so much more. It can convey scale, grandeur and tell a story all in one shot. 

Drone Orbit

FPV Footage

If you’re looking for something that is completely out of the ordinary, something that almost nobody is doing, then think FPV drone video. The power of FV drones is its ability to fly in close proximity to objects, its size means it’s able to fly through tiny gaps like windows, arches, lighting fixtures and so much more. 

FPV drones are fantastic for filming one-take videos that often start from outside the venue, leading into the bridal and groom sessions and onto where the ceremony is being held along with reception. All of this can be filmed in as little as 5 minutes which is an absolute dream for any wedding planner.

We collaborate with your on-location photographer and communicate directly with them to develop a day’s work plan that will allow us to make the most of our time at the venue and prepare the finest images possible.

Aerial photography’s possibilities will blow the typical wedding album out of the water. Aerial film has a cinematic quality that nothing else can match. Drones reveal landscapes, stunning views, and a far more dramatic feeling of scale. We can catch the entire site, all of your delighted guests, and perhaps even a breath-taking sunset.

AerialJohnny is a fully licenced CAA drone company with £1M public liability providing you total peace of mind that we are a professional team with the capacity to operate independently to capture the finest possible photographs of your big day for you and your family to cherish.

If you’d like to have your big day filmed in a unique and memorable way, get in touch with AerialJohnny today.