DJI Mavic 3

We’re often asked about what our drone equipment setup is, so we decided to put together a comprehensive list to give you an idea of the scale and capabilities we have to film your project.

Our DJI and specialist FPV Drones offer quality, long flight times and the interchangeable parts AerialJohnny has chosen to use the industry leading DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Air 2s as our go-to aerial photography equipment to capture a wide variety of video and photo assets for clients.

We also have an FPV drone fleet that includes the Shendrone Squirt V2 and iFlight Titan DC5 powered by DJIs incredible Air Unit which allows us to to film incredibly exhilarating content that ranges from flying through fireworks displays and fire rings to gently filming a real-estate fly-through for estate agents.

The equipment we operate is maintained to the CAA standards in accordance with our license and approved operating procedures.

Our drones offer incredible flight time on location with enough battery supply for a full day of filming (even in windy conditions) and offer incredible quality spectrums from 5k30FPS to 4K12FPS to give that cinematic slo-mo video effect. 

DJI Smart Controller

Our drone photography service also offers a high-res quality imaging service with images up to 20MP jpg and RAW files for you to optimise in-house or within our editing service as a package.

Our drone services not only provide a highly robust fleet option, we also have the necessary qualifications and permissions to fly. We hold the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” which means as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) we are governed and regulated by the CAA.


AerialJohnny has built an all-in-one model for clients to help streamline the operation from briefing the shoot, on the ground filming and followed through to editing and delivery. We work with industry leading tools as part of the Adobe Creative Suite for photo and video editing while also offering services that include custom graphics i.e. Intro and outro graphics, colour correction and colour grading service.

We also hold licenses for music and sound effects to incorporate into your videos to add an extra level of customisation. We are used to working on tight deadlines and offer a rapid turnaround from drone filming to finished production. We also understand that you may have the need to edit your videos in-house so we offer all the RAW files to share with the PR & Advertising agency for inclusion in a marketing, online or media production.