Want to know what the benefits of drone videography is? We break down the difference between commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for aerial photography and videography and highlights the importance of combining the two styles to create incredible content that.

Commercial drones

Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for aerial photography and videography are used across a number of applications. 

A few of the more common use cases of these drones are:

  1. Improve safety on construction sites by providing a birds eye view of any potential risks and enhance the efficiency of their operations. 
  2. Save money by cutting costs to secure site mapping – Drones are a powerful tool for collecting data remotely. 
    1. Visual data
    2. Thermal Data
    3. LiDAR data
    4. Multispectral data
    5. Hyperspectral data
  3. Photos and videos – Professional photography/videography purposes (such as weddings or family photo shoots), aerial shots of real estate to help market it, or even high-end cinematography 
  4. 3D mapping – 3D mapping is becoming a common deliverable for drone data and this has helped planning and project managers immensely to convey progress and reports

FPV Drones Videography

The key thing to note about the term FPV Drone is that the “FPV” doesn’t describe the aircraft, it describes the flight/filming method. Unlike the traditional method of drone flying, where a pilot flies from a Line of Sight (ground view) using either a smart controller or device, FPV drones are flown from the drone’s onboard camera point of view.

  1. FPV offers an immersive and exciting experience to film shots you would never be able to get from a standard gimbal. Their ability to perform “tricks” such as flips and rolls as well as navigate tight spaces and areas means you can get footage that is totally unique and angles nobody could dream of.
  2. FPV Drones can be used for a multitude of applications. From filming cinematic landscape shots, using them in Search and Rescue missions and in the Agriculture industry.

Where to use FPV Drone video

Although an FPV drone can be utilised in many of the same ways as a commercial drone, the true power lies in its ability to fly in spaces not many drones fitted with sensors can, i.e. through windows, car doors, fireworks and so on. FPV drones are also not limited to the flight path being head on, FPV drones are able to flip, spin, dive and more thanks to the onboard gyro system and skilled pilots!

When combining the two elements above, it’s easy to see how using drones can create content like no other, from cinematic hotel fly-throughs to fast paced car chases for a brand like Bentley. There’s always a need for drones in your plans for creating content or capturing private moments.

In order to operate commercially, AerialJohnny has followed strict training and approval by the CAA and has also acquired all drone safe registration, insurance as well as flight times to ensure we deliver a service of the highest standards and safety.