Drones in Sport: Everything You Need to Know

How do drones impact the sport you love? Are they really useful or are they just a gimmick? This article will break down everything you need to know about drone technology in the World of Sports and Entertainment.

How is drone technology being used in sports?

As of 2019, Drone technology in the World of Sports and Entertainment have been used for entertainment purposes across various sports, including football, baseball, and more extreme sports such as snowboarding and even ski jumping! However, drone technology is also beginning to take root as a way for athletes and coaches to enhance training regimens. Most notably, some teams are using drones equipped with 360-degree cameras on their practice fields to provide coaches with real-time feedback on how players look when they’re practicing different drills.

Snowboarding with Drones

How can drones be used for live sports events?

Drones have been used for years for photography, but their usage for filming purposes is still a grey area. In fact, drones are banned from most sporting events because of a fear that they may interfere with players or umpires. However, at some point soon drones will be used to provide live aerial views of games. Until then here’s how you can use drones in your next event. Beastway Mountain Bike Series.

How are drones used for training purposes?

Drones give athletes an aerial view of their game, and allow them to analyse their performances from a new perspective. Because drones can hover above competition grounds, they provide unique views of sporting events that are more difficult for human participants to access—and even impossible for wheelchair-bound athletes. Drones also allow sports officials and trainers to study competitors’ movements more closely, so they can pass on tips about how best to improve a game.

When should you use drones vs. traditional filming methods?

If you are shooting a live event, drones are one of your best options. It is possible to put aerial shots together with traditional footage, but doing so requires skill and planning. Drone footage also allows directors more creative freedom because they can film beyond where it would be safe or possible for a helicopter or other aircraft. Drones can also capture action from angles impossible for camera operators on ground level; for example, drones could be used to record action that takes place below an elevated section of seating at a stadium. If you aren’t shooting a live event, drone cinematography is still worth considering depending on how difficult your filming conditions will be.

Why should you use drones for your sports event?

Using drones for sports events has a number of advantages. The biggest one is that you can capture sporting events from angles that are otherwise inaccessible. This gives spectators a unique view of their favourite players, making for more exciting and immersive coverage of your sports event. Drones also make it possible to get critical data about your players during practice sessions, which can help improve game performance. However, there are still some challenges you need to overcome if you want to use drones for sports events.

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