Holiday Drone Filming Service

Turn your holiday into a real life Hollywood movie

Travel and photography have always been strongly intertwined. A photograph can provide a new perspective on an event, as well as inspire and reawaken some of our most cherished memories. While it’s important to preserve our experiences, there are times when we believe a moment needs to be experienced without the distraction of capturing it on camera or smartphone, and from a whole different perspective that few people have.

We designed our new, world-class service with this belief in mind. We’ve all been on holiday where it’s so magical that you want to make sure you get every single element captured. Often this means missing out on actually experiencing them yourself. Not to mention that most times, when looking back at the videos or photos, they’re blurry, not the right composition or simply rather bland.

With our fleet of FPV and aerial drones, building a beautiful story of your time together with friends, family and even clients has never been easier and more creative.

So, you may be asking what the benefits are of hiring a drone videographer to film your holiday, work trip or client retreat, but don’t worry, keep ready and you’ll find out.

Drone video offers new perspectives

We provide aerial and ground visuals for every kind of event, using drone zoom lenses for safety and style! Small indoor parties and ceremonies, large sprawling festivals, and sporting contests on land and water — we provide aerial and ground visuals for every kind of event.

Our high-speed sports drones can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, and we’re experts at getting sharp images of fast-paced activity.

Our optics have a cutting-edge dynamic range that balances out the dramatic highlights and shadows of concert crowds and festival fireworks, plus we have special authorization for legal night-time flight Unlike taking video from a mobile phone or video camera, drones have the ability to access areas and angles that no person or gimbal or even helicopter could dream of. Their size, flexibility and technology means while you’re having a beautiful stroll through a tropical beachfront, our drones are trailing just above the branches to capture all the laughter while adding movement and interest with the ocean behind you.

With our FPV drones, this is even more apparent as we’re specialised in flying within close proximity to objects and our micro drones including 360° video can film your accommodation, daily activities and so much more by flying through gaps as small as 3 inches!

Drones Are non-invasive

This is something that often gets overlooked when thinking about the benefits of drones on holiday. Drones are capable of flying up to 400ft in the air and as far as 12 km (7.45 miles) when free of obstacles or interference. This means you get the high 5K quality video while not having to worry about dragging tripods, lights and “selfie sticks” up beautiful snow capped mountains.

The non invasive nature of drones also means that while you do have a videographer with you, it won’t feel that way leaving you to enjoy your time exactly the way you had planned.

Unique and unparalleled footage – tight flying, acrobatic manoeuvres, high-speed chases for sports and fast-paced action shots, and more!
Use the footage across all your marketing channels, pitch to new investors with the unique views of the potential space and layout Create thumbstopping content that sets your business apart on social media.

What Can drones offer that others can’t? 

1) Fast paced chase/follow using high tech FPV drones
2) Full 360° filming capability to achieve angles and shots that haven’t been filmed before
3) Up to 5k resolution with 120FPS for stunning slow motion editing
4) Aerial orbits, fly-overs using programmable drones
5) Aerial Still photography
6) In cabin flights using specialised FPV sub category drones to capture unique angles
7) CAA certified and fully insured
8) Full editing services including licensed music (if required)

Our drones are built for purpose, let’s take a look at how and where we apply our drones while you’re on holiday:

DJI – Programmable 

The sheer range and flight time alone make this one of our prized UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Our DJI Drone has an impressive 28min flight time, a range of up to 12km and weighs a mere 595g! With enough battery supply for a full days filming, it goes without saying that it’s always coming along!

FPV Titan HD –

Planning on going skiing or white water rafting? Maybe you want to treat yourself to a high speed drifting or drag race experience? That’s where our Titan HD shines. Capable of speeds as fast as 102mph and with the agility to flip, roll and spin through water, fire and dust, our Titan is a workhorse that never stops.


This drone is the gem you never knew you needed. Capable of filming in brilliant 4K quality, this drone offers a feature that is to die for, full 360° filming in any situation. Whether you’re in your hotel room or standing on the balcony looking out at the ocean, with the 360° drone, there’s no angle that gets forgotten. This allows for incredible footage that can be edited over and over to give multiple perspectives from the same clip.

Micro Drones:

Tiny but mighty, weighing under 250g but equipped with a GoPro10, this little beast is capable of flying in the smallest spaces and still able to travel at high speeds to capture those special candid moments. We especially love this drone for use in off road car clips flying through windows and doors.

If you want to have a holiday to remember but without the hassle of cameras and heavy equipment, reach out to AerialJohnny today and let’s capture beautiful moments for you, together. 

Transform your holiday into a movie

Make your memories even more special and unique.